We continue our Research & Development and Innovation activities…
Information Technologiles is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Studies and investments in this field are encouraged and supported in our country. In this context, as Netix, we are supported by KOSGEB and Teknokent. Our company is already in local and global markets will add value to the software being used in studies of R & D centers (the United States and Turkey in the office) examines the academic level. Likewise, in order to gain R & D value of new software, it is aimed that the solutions to be provided by the application will offer significant innovations compared to the competing products in the market. Developing new processes or methods, achieving technological superiority, and adapting the developments in application and data fields are among our R & D activities. In addition, R & D activities are the focus of projects that provide added value in a way that reduces dependence on foreign countries through the redevelopment of software that has not been produced in our country.

R & D Activities:

  • Software development efforts that enable improvements in generic approaches to capture, transmit, store, retrieve, manipulate, or display information.
  • R & D studies on software tools and technologies in specialized branches of the computer field (GIS, Artificial Intelligence, etc.).
  • Experimental development studies aimed at filling gaps in the knowledge of technology required to develop a software program or system.
  • Research on the design, development, installation or protection of software.
  • Business Process Algorithms.
  • Netix Framework.